my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-03-17 19:45:56 (UTC)

warm weather and riding on the hood of cars

just got home form school and jen brought me home... jay
was suposed to come with us but he went with jeremy. haha.
when we got up to the circle jer and jen almost hit my dog
and jay got on the roof of jers car and was riding around
the block like that. haha. but my mom saw and was like oh
my god bla bla bla. freaking out and saying that it isnt
cool and we are gonna be visiting him in a funeral parlor.
oh man it was funny .i was like he is fine. and she was
like well tell him to stop cuz it isnt kewl. well it is
and isnt in a way. ok i gotta go get ready for work i will
see yall tomarow. i love this weather it puts eveyone in a
good mood. and i am paranoied and i dont know why...
aghhhh !!!!
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