I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-03-17 17:43:53 (UTC)


It's amazing here. The first thing that hit me was the
hills and the cliffs. Being a Florida girl I'm used to the
flatness. Everytime we go up the mountain to Chris' house
my ears pop from the altitude change.

Okay, well, here we go.....

I was three hours late leaving FL on Friday because you
apparently can't fly in a plane without flaps. So, it took
a long time to find some. They replaced them 4 times. Hmm.
Glad I made it to Dallas in one piece. Delta did rebook me
on an American Airlines flight out of Dallas because of how
late we were so that was good, but the time change kept
screwing me up cause I didn't know if the times I was given
were local times or what. It was really confusing. I
finally made it to CA about four hours late. Oh! And the
fact that I had to fly with my cold sucked but what can ya

So anyways, Chris found me and we found that my luggage
hadn't made it to CA yet. So I left the address where I'd
be and we went to dinner cause we were both starving.
Maggiano's. Yum. Can't go wrong with italian food.

Then we came home and I basically crashed. The phone rang
at some unholy hour like 2am and freaked both of us out.
Turns out it was my luggage calling from the front door. So
we went out and I was glad cause now I had clothes.

Saturday rolled in with a big storm. Lots of rain and
flooding. I went to a job fair with Chris and then we went
for tasty sushi lunch. We came back home and dried off and
were glad that you don't get flooded living on the top of
the hill and felt bad for the people at the bottom.

Saturday night we went to Irvine and saw Old School. This
is a movie that Chris would NEVER SEE but when you leave
the choice to me, well, I have to pick one that makes you
roll your eyes. But he liked it and laughed and it was a
good movie for what it was. Then we drove through more rain
(probably the still the same rain) and came home and went
to sleep.

Sunday was gorgeous. We went on the boat with Chris' dad.
Didn't get out past the marina because it was really rough.
Five foot waves and such. But it was sunny and gorgeous
nonetheless. Good times, good times. We went to In N'Out
for lunch (and it was SOOO GOOOOD as Chris kept telling me)
and then picked up stuff for the dinner that Chris' dad and
Carrie made for us. Ziti stuff. Tasty as well. Then we
played Carrie and his dad in Trivial Pursuit Baby Boomer's
Edition and we lost. But not by much. It's cause I'm just
that good. :)

Then we played another board game and I lost and then it
was time for bed.

So, here I am. I am the one who wakes up first cause my
body was on a sleeping schedule for work and Chris isn't. I
am having a really good time. I want to go whale watching
today (but have to look at the boating forecast to see how
rough it will be) or to see where I used to live. Happy St.
Paddy's day by the way.

The weather is here, wish you were beautiful....