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2003-03-17 17:24:49 (UTC)


more religion bullshit! twice in three days...can i please by myself without being told i am hellbound!? YOU ASSFUCKS! woke up this morning and showered, felt rather, shitty, and almost passed out. my tainted (2nd annual cool words list #109!) sleep scheduale is really getting to me. i think i should go chug some iron supplement or somthing, i need the life back in me. that sounded hot. oh yes jerry asked me to marry him last night. lol, i said "fuck yes!!" wait till i tell jessi tomorow at lunch. damn, me spence and sam have 5 of those pictures of us favorates are probaly the ones i have on me. spencer was trying to bite me in one and my hand is over my face in the other. anyway i met with the psycologist and he told me i was so freaking smart. if im so smart why cant i have more control over myself? i keep telling him im lazy in class, but he then mentioned somthing to me about how many ADD kids think they're lazy and arent aware that a problem exists within them. hmm. LMFAO! so he hands me this 123 question checklist for me to fill out. #83 reads, "what is true about your sex life?" i checked off "are interested, but are currently abstaining from sex." :( if i were to see a psyciatrist rather than a psycologist, im gonna speak with them about that question, since they'd see it anyway. if they say, "thats the way to go!" regarding my awnser to the question, im gonna tell them, "no fucking way. im starving myself from somthing everyones body needs." i lied to the psycologist. he asked me if jerry was the one who was going to be with me forever and marry me when i get older. he also asked if i was interested in having sex. umm, it was not a proposal btw. i awnsered no to both questions. lying isnt like me. but i dont want him to think im headed in the wrong direction, you know, i dont want him thinking im slutting around, what with being "famous" at the school as mr conti calls the well known badasses which im nothing of the sort. so what if ive missed alot of school and refused to serve my sat's. standing up that being a badass? fuck no. wrote a poem mr conti. my poetry has gotten so violent in the past two years or so. you can do alot with violence if your poetry is getting repetive. ripped. oh well. i guess ill have to get a new pair. purple until then. even though theyre a bitch to put in. oh well whats another -30 minutes of sleep every day this week. damn. i think the cops were here before. mr west told me about the trune officer policy bs, but it doesnt seem to be in effect. it was probaly some jehovas witness. next time they come around im going to tell them im a satanist and if they try to get me to convert (like the time i told them i was serian/cerian/w/e) ill scream JIHAD. me and aids favorate word. im out

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