Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-03-17 14:38:12 (UTC)

Spawn the Revolution

I woke up at 6:30 am today and went to uni.. Dram class. I
love my drama class, i really look forward to Mondays now,
which is crazy but cool. But yeah, Drama class was
exceptionaly cool today, I love it.. everybody in my class
is like just the nicest person, it's lots of fun,
everybodie's good friends with each other. hehe.. like
there's heaps of respect and it's just agreat environment.
hmmm.. I almost forgot to do this entry tonight, I was
about to go to bed and i remembered, so faithful old
committed me got to my compuer to type up my journal
entry.. good on ya mikey! pat on the back! I'm really tired
right now though, I was gonna stay up all night and write
this play that I started I told Kaelah and Cameron that I
would. But i'm not gonna, it's just gonna go for too long
to do it all now, so I wrote the first half of the first
scene, and that was enough, I'm just too tired to write
much more of it.. I'm really tired right now. hmmm Me and
Kaelah started a revolution this evening (very exciting
stuff) we decided that we wanted to redefine music and
youth/pop culture the way that the beatles did so we
created a theorem for it, SPAWN THE REVOLTUION! yay!.. war
soon.. pretty crazy! Hmm i heard tonight on the news that
Irag still have 650 Kuwaitey prisoners of War from the last
gulf war, that's like 12 years ago.. man Saddam Husein is
an evil Jerry! Anyways I gotta go to bed now, sleep has
just become way too tempting, I will tell of the details of
the revolution tommorrow.. till then .. God Bless You my