The void
2003-03-17 12:25:00 (UTC)

we going to war...but you already knew that

yep, war it is.(so they've been saying for the past few
months)*shoots tony shitface blair and george 'i'm oh so
powerful look at me everyone lick my arse' bush.* oh and
saddam because we all know they are all the fucking same.
anyway...there's a flu virus thing that's going round and
actually KILLING people. skye has the exact i'm
all WORRIED ONCE AGAIN. i think i'll buy her something from
the shop in orpington to cheer her up a bit.poor lil skye
gets it all don't she?!
well went to my first lesson (for the first time in two
weeks).aww look what jay told me to give to skye...
VeMsInDaHoUsE14 [12:16]: 0".'."0
VeMsInDaHoUsE14 [12:16]: ( (T) )
VeMsInDaHoUsE14 [12:16]: (O)(O)
VeMsInDaHoUsE14 [12:16]: give this 2 her from me and tell
her get well soon
Gothic sheep1 [12:16]: awwwwww ok i will cheers.
aint that sweet???aww he's so lovely even though he's a
right little rudie!
my dad came home early from work. because he didn't feel
well. it's his birthday today too.and it's st patricks
day...and it's becky's birthday!woah all that in one day!
well i'll probably write more later..for now i need the loo!
hehe! bye.