tragic life
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2003-03-17 07:28:27 (UTC)

bla de bla.. 1st entry on the web

ahhh... life is good....

don't know why...

i wake up every morn and usually feel extremely bored...

but yea, i don't know... life is at an extremely satisfying
point right now.

every morn, no matter what time i sleep (usually 3am or
sometimes up to 6am).. i'd wake up at 10am, no matter what.
(it's all good if there's a 11am class but sometimes it's
at 9/10am! but yea.. at least i have a regular wake up time
even on friday, saturday and sundays! ;D)

i don't know. life is just idyllic and good. it's pretty
strange and refreshing to me cause i usually am the
pessimistic lil anti-social complaining about life... and
life's not much different this year and last year but it's
like everything is viewed in a new light
("enlightenment?!?!" ;D joking...)

(you: *thinking* yea.. okay. enough about the "self-
seeking/self-proclaiming" thingy.)
(me: sheesh man,.. alright. sorry for being a self-
righteous lil saint)
(you: thank god u realise..)

anywayz... yea.. almost had a nose bleed today when i found
back my fav winamp skin!!!
hahaha.. yea... small things in life make my day! it's a
cool skin ...

FEATures of my fav winamp skin: it's actually a car
steering wheel.. and yea, the playlist is actually the
dashboard.. and it's seperate (so cool)...
and on the driving wheel: the speedometer is actually the
song length (so the speedometer arrow goes to the
left/"increaces speed" as the song progresses), and the
different components of the dashboard (ie fuel meter and
stuff) is each a different winamp component.. argh.. dunno
how to describe it but yea.. it's cool,.. even comes in
different color schemes for "night driving" and stuff...
argh... my description is not doing any justice to it.. but
summary: it's cool. really.

i need to sleep. enough for today's ramblings.