apfel diary
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2003-03-17 05:22:18 (UTC)

yesterday there are so many ppl..

yesterday there are so many ppl went to
karaoke.me,terry,suki,bonnie,michael and tingting. at
first, it just got 5 ppl. tingting phoned me,she said she
wanted go out with me,and she was bored. btw,she and i
havent seen each other for long. sadly,i arranged go to
singing with my friends.i tried to ask her join us.at
last,she joined.hehe..
hm...i thought terry likes suki.so,he should have sat to
suki side..grr..not sat next to me.nvm..
finished karaoke,bonnie,suki and terry gotta back home.so
that they left first.ting,micheal and i went to somewhere
else to have a walk.ting wanted take some photos there.but
it was very late when we got there.sigh..waste of the money
and film.
michael bought some gifts for me.it is a doll and book
which he put some calling card in it.silly him,rite? and he
insisted taking me back home. u know,he lives so far from
at last i told everything to my mom as usual.haha..she
doesnt know what the doll is.perhap it is a cat.hehe..