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2003-03-17 00:23:05 (UTC)

After Sunday night - new days will ever start to every people

Today is another day and I know things will be good.
To every people in world a new day starts with every thing
I have a home page with poems and free internet services list. But the good is jobs on govern. There is a list of
current contests for jobs on govern. I sell books and page
has many visitors. Actually I could not sell much books
but page has much audience.
About friends. I am looking them from another position.
The outside and I see how enemies are around them.
I found some midis of Bon Jovi. Older midis disapeared from
that place. I think they put midis for a time and then replace by other new. Maybe some day I have all songs of
Bon Jovi on midi files. If dry county that long song become a midi. Miracle song could be a midi in future. Gonna take
a miracle to save us this time. I liked that song. I have
it since I had not Internet. I used a radio buid on monitor and pluged to alias sound blaster.
Maybe I just visit people that are shaking hand to me.
Instead of old people I called friend since year 2001.
New days starts for Internaults and other joggers world