the magenta files
2003-03-17 02:29:47 (UTC)

don't read this one

i was crying some, for a lot of reasons i suppose, but
mostly because i'm doing very badly in school right now
(which can screw everything up)... and i walked out to the
garage where my dad was building something, as usual, (i'm
not sure why i walked out there) and as i got up to him i
didn't say much. I maybe mumbled something about mom being
at the store, and he saw my wet eyes and said, in the
confident strong way only Dad can, to give him a hug. and i
did, and started to cry some more and i reached to the
workbench we were in front of and took a tissue out of the
tissue box that was there. my dad lightly laughed
saying "we even have tissues in the garage". i replied that
we have everything in the garage- except a car. then he
showed me how the inside of this metal tubing he was
working with had this grove that interfered with the PVC
and showed me how he figured out a way to grind it smooth.
my eyes were still a little wet but i wasn't crying really
anymore. let your daughter cry a little, then show he how
to smooth metal tubing. my dad doesn't always make a lot of
sense, but i'm glad i have him.