Salem's Den Journal
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2003-03-17 02:14:04 (UTC)

Times Passed By

A day was a week, a year in a moment
Memories aren't enough
To cry when you miss it
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

Time wasn't real
A slip into eternity
3 weeks make a lifetime
To have lived 6 lifetimes
and to have aged so little
changed so much

We danced to the lady
she said all that glitters was gold
but you...
you glitter.
You're worth far more than gold.

Then we danced to
a nightlight singing
about our souls.
And we became who we are.

We were forever young...
visiting Istanbul, never
And that day the music died.

We sang for you
We sang for life
We remembered the songs about rainbows
And we played with our own
Barbie girl.

Time warped itself
Not just for Rocky
but for us
and lifetimes.

We talk about nightswimming
or old radios
but video killed the radio star
after all.
and now those memories
are supressed.

I miss you,
you know
more than you could
ever know

~~~Obviously if you read this far you realise it isn't a
person I'm writing about. Anyways... feedback please even
though I doubt many will get all of it.~~~