my life, my love and my happiness?
2003-03-17 01:14:34 (UTC)

i have money.... woohooo

yeah i went to the mall with jony boy today. i got
underwere and i took him out to eat and to the movies for
all the times he did it for me. and umm it was fun... saw
how to loose a guy in 10 days... i thought it was gonna be
better but its ok. and ummarbys chicken fingers fucking
rule times like a million. and liets see... i saw jammie
and amanda at the mall. and umm i want bling bling. john
put me in a garbage can and i beat the shit out of him.
ahah it was mad funny. nothing elce really exciting
happened. it is soooo nice out. but yeah i gotta go do
shit and home work... stuff like that. later
listing to: thursday

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