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Me and My Life
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2003-03-17 01:02:13 (UTC)


Yesterday was so much Funn. Suzanna and I wnet o Everydays
for lunch and got hit on by some guy. his pick up line
was "i havent seen you in this neighbor hood before" it was
so funn. I had no clue what to say and we both thought he
was talking to eachother! then we wento her house and
waited for poppy to come take us Four wheeling. It was my
frist time. It was wickedly funn. As we walked down to the
back field these two guys did a double check out of a car
and then came running down the street to find us. It was so
funny. But anyways I think I did a good job four wheeling
lol. Then we went to the bowling alley. nothing new on that
on. As we were waiting for are ride this girl walks out and
starts like screaming at cars, that was hillarious! Today
Suzanna went to chruch with me and got to meet Steve. Steve
is Chalkboard Happy. yeah well that was like the only good
part of today !! yeah so I didnt get to see Anthony this
weekend and Suzanna didnt get to see Jason. O so sad but
its even saddeder for me becuase I havent talked to my
boyfriend in a week! Isnt that wickedly sad yeah well i
really dont have anything eles to say so there

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