ramblings of this hopeless romantic
2003-03-17 00:19:59 (UTC)

Sunday lethargy

Wow, I'm constructive. All day I've done a whole lot of
NOTHING. I did get the weatherbug thing back on my
computer though. I managed to research all the colleges I
might apply to. Did I do any AP Chem you ask? HELL NO. As
far as I'm concerned my brain's still shut down. I think
I'm gonna watch 'Amelie' tonight. No more Hugh Grant
movies...for this weekend at least.

Ugh I borrowed Judi's violin earlier to practice cuz Ms.
Dey wants to hear me play on Thursday. I sound HORRIBLE. I
don't know if Ms. Dey will let me play in Sinfonia with
the way I sound. Eeeehh. Oh well.

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