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2003-03-16 21:17:48 (UTC)


Listening to : William Orbit - Barbers Adagio For Strings
Went to see Equalibrium today. Wasn't that impressed. I
didn't take anything away with me and when I watch a film I
like to take something. Something to think about, an
excited or scared feeling or a memory, good or bad.
I don't remember much about Equalibrium. It gave me nothing
to think about, even though the story idea is to make you
think of what the world would be like in a certain way. The
story itself is horribly flawed and contradicts itself.
Even as a fan of stylised violence I think Equilibrium went
too far and became silly. Some of the action was good but
it didn't touch the action of films like The Bourne
Identity and no way even near the action of the matrix (or
level of story) which it was clearly based on.
The last part of the film where he fights "the end level
baddie" was over so quick you could dig into your popcorn
to find the last few bits and miss it. It was a bit of a
let down after a big build up to see him dispatch of the
big boss man and his right hand man in a matter of 2
minutes (literally, his right hand man is dead in about 15
seconds). I'd rather be watching a Steven Segal film...or a
Die Hard film. The action is alot better.
Its worth a watch if your bored and want something to waste
125 minutes. But if you want a proper action film or
something deep and meaningful..ignore this one.

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