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2003-03-16 20:42:30 (UTC)


Well, last nite was suppose to be a chill nite, but it was
a little crazy. One of my roommates got really drunk. It
kinda reminded me of the time I got really drunk way back
in the day. That is an embrassing thing to have happen to
you. I was in high school when it happened to me, but I
feel for my roommate because a lot of people that go to
GSU saw her.....and a lot of them didn't bother to help
her out. It was the white people who were making sure she
was straight. And it's not like she is a nobody at our
school.....people know who she is, so it's going to be a
lot of different stuff buzzing around about her at school
this week. I remember all the things that were said about
me when I got that drunk.....GSU ain't nothing but a big
high school, so it's going to be the same if not worse.
But anyway, I really want to stop drinking. It's not a
really big problem for me, but the bottle always calls me
back. I always tell myself that I will stop, but I don't.
It's a habit that needs to be broken. I don't want liver
problems later in life. I say by the time I'm 21, I won't
see the need in drinking....I'll be all drunk-ed out by
then. Anyway, my grades are starting to look like crap. I
need to slow down. All this going out is hindering me from
doing what needs to be done. Hell, I'm hindering myself. I
gotta make the change for the better. *J*