random scribbles
2003-03-16 20:13:15 (UTC)

last call for drinks

[music - one line drawing - ill; jonah is a genius]

feel so disgustingly ill today. it was the most beautiful
day and i wasted the whole thing lying in bed. eurgh. last
night was a lot of fun nonetheless. nudge and the 2 annas
came over. perfect. these nights of cooking and drinking
simply rule. only next time i feel a little less drinking
may be in order...

we consumed a hell of a lot of vodka and then decided to go
down to silver at the underworld. alana and vicky turned up
with g who i must say does seem very nice, i think we will
let the fact that he dated paula be forgotten :) vicky was
wearing possibly the shortest skirt ever seen and nearly
got attacked on the way home but punkanna fought the guy
off lol.

in the queue, we got talking to these american guys. once
inside we headed straight for the bar and lost them, then
later we came across them again so we were all dancing
together for a while. weirdly enough it turned out that one
of them was michael cerveris ("only one of the most famous
broadway actors" - anna a.) and hes in england to do some
recording and stuff, it gets weirder though, he went out
with charlotte from ash and knows people from radiohead and
stuff. also hes friends with so many people that anna a.
knows, david, jago, basically everyone from hedwig.

unfortunately hes also really nice and therefore paid for
drinks... when we got home we made a half hearted attempt
to sober up but it didnt work too well. crashed into bed at
5am then got up at 9... which didn't help the feeling like
a piece of dead animal situation.

i'm finally feeling a little better now though, just spoke
with punkanna and her and anna a met up with michael and
the other american guy, adam, today and hes probably going
to be a glastonbury this year, so we'll most likely hang
out. i like meeting new people.

also, punkanna sent billy an email. im not 100% sure of the
content but the things she was saying just proved what a
truly amazing friend she is, the best friend i could ever
ever ever have, everyone should have a friend like her.
except mean people of course.