Anrui Kurayami

Kurayami's Tears
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2003-03-16 19:33:07 (UTC)

Oh yeah, thing I missed out from "Secret of my heart..."

Yeah, so on Saturday (the day Paul asked me out by text!),
we played this really good game. me and Suiren ended up
naked though! ^^;;

We called it "I've never..." and its really simple. People
take turns to say stuff they've never done, like "I've
never been pissed".

Me and Suiren got caught out with "i've never found gay
boys cute" "i've never masturbated" "i've never downloaded
gay porno" and I got caught out with "i've never put
something inside my special parts" and "ive never broken my

Heheh, I'm planning my revenge on her for them two. She
said them, you see. We had two boys in the group and four
girls at the time (counting me and Suiren).

Basically, I'm gonna catch her out with "I've never stuffed
my bra with tissue"! Coz I haven't. I'm a natural 32C,
thankyou very much.

heheheh, what a mad week!

~Anrui Kurayami~ xoxox

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