Anrui Kurayami

Kurayami's Tears
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2003-03-16 19:28:03 (UTC)

Secret of my heart....

Okay, maybe you've guessed by now that I name most of my
diary entries after songs. Or maybe not. Maybe your not
bothered. How should i know?

So much has happened since my last update, I dunno where to

Well, for a start, I have a new boyfriend. Unfortunately,
my best friend (Cat) fancied him too. Oh well, even though
we fell out, we're best friends again now.

We went out in the group, you see. He paired up with me for
some games and he told me he had fancied me since we
started going out in the group. FIVE MONTHS! Even while I
had ARA (Anal Retentive Asshole. Wow!

Anyway, me and Cat fell out big time, and I found some
stuff out about her I had never found out about for sure.
She had been cutting her wrists for weeks! Luckily, no
blood, unlike I used to be!

I won't bore everyone with everything thats been happening,
but there have been some VERY funny/perverted/interesting
things going on.

For a start, me and Paul (the new boyfriend) beat me and
ARA's record and Suiren's and her boyfriend for snogging!
One minute and nine seconds (he timed it on his phone!).
Lol! ^^;;

And he's been teaching me and Cat how to climb tree's. We
climbed one without him today, it was so cool! She got
right up to the top of a tree Paul could hardly climb at

Then she cut her thumb, and we had no plaster, so i dug
around in my bag and found a reciet (for a mars bar and
chewing gum!) and gave her my hair tie. It worked! We were
really surprised and we laughed for ages.

Been working on Lavender. I also downloaded Winamp, which
lets you make really good playlists. its really cool.

Anyway, I've got another section for this diary! "New Fave
Words". I have often been called a thesaurus so i'm being
one now! ^^;;

Mata Ne!
~Anrui Kurayami~ xoxox

Websites I've been on recently-

Erm... not many? Been too busy climbing trees! ^_~

fave Words:

Redemption; blob; inferno; firestorm; namida (tears