Lets talk about life
2003-03-16 18:11:17 (UTC)


Hey everyone..i know i have not written in awhile, but and my b/f jason broke up..he now has a new
g/f..i am friends with my ex doug...i think i might go back
out with him but not too friend Bryan Smith likes
me and same with Josh Mahan...i dont know who to date i
mean i like josh cuz he is nice and knows how to treat a
girl samew/ bryan and doug..but i think i might give josh a
try cuz he is really nice and sweet..he would be a good b/f
for me..i need someone that doesnt live too far and can be
there for me when i need him the most..doug lives in
Boyertwon and Bryan lives in Dowingtown i live in
Phoenixville and so doesnt Josh..i am goin to date
josh..Andy is still being an asshole..all though i think
that, that will never is him and that is the
way he is..he is nice when u get him alone but when he is
with Cassie my sister or someone he is an
fuckin sux balls that he is like that..when i get him alone
he is always nice to me and it seems like he really does
care about me but it tends to be like he doesnt when he is
around cassie who he loves to death but knows he cant
have...i dont get him why doesnt he just act like himself
and be nice towards others like he is when he is around me
or danielle...he is truely sweet when u get him alone but
when he is around cassie forget about the being sweet or
nice thing..he is an immature little asshole that no one
wants to know or date..he sits there and tells me how he
likes me then the next minute once cassie comes down it is
like i am not even there..i hate it when he does that but
what u gonna do it is his thing and that is what he is
like...but i would like it if he didnt do shit like that
and i am not the only one either...others that know him and
me tell me the same exact thing that i said..they say he is
sweet and nice but when he is around a girl he REALLY likes
he is an asshole...i dont doubt it either...he thinks every
girl wants him..not quit..i did want him at a point but the
whole thing with my sis and being an asshole..Hell no..i
dont wanna deal with that shit...dude i dont get guys they
r so confuzzling to me..well i am goin to go..buh byes..