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2003-03-16 17:16:27 (UTC)


I'd heard a lot about the place, but had never really
formed an opinion of it. Of course, I was on the outskirts
of town last year to see Huddersfield win at the Abbey,
but only Chester gives a good view of the city as you go
to the football ground. And Chelsea, too, if you come from
the North.

Anyhow, it was nice to finally get there, and there was a
lot to behold of beauty within the town itself. A lot of
old buildings, spreading many centuries, often within a
step of one another, on one occasion tagged onto the
front. As you do.

I was unsurprised, as ever, to see the amount of greenery
within the city centre - parks, big parks are commonplace,
though the greenery was well maintained, as it would be in
a town with so much money to dole around on such things.

As ever, a river helps give a town a focal point for the
hot days, as it was yesterday, and sure enough, hundreds
of people were gathered down by it.

One thing that does let towns like this down is the
snobbery of people in it. For people to look scornfully on
those they think are students, or students to single out
those they think are outsiders, and therefore
intelectually their inferior is one of the worst and least
attractive feature of such places. Am I jealous?

I was thinking about that as we wandered through a couple
of colleges, some of the most spectacular institutes of
learning, I imagine, in the world. However, if you're
there all the time, the novelty wears off, it becomes your
life. The beauty of the grass becomes a hindrance to your
path, and it all descends into people wanting too much.

That's not to say I wouldn't have like it, couldn't have
fitted in, couldn't have gotten in. I'd like to think of
it as a chance that got away, but one that I'm all the
better for. The life I have now is to be envied, and I
realise that. To ask for more would be selfish.

So Cambridge? Don't go at Christmas, don't expect anything
spectacular. If you do go, look in FOPP, and take note of
the very attractive street entertainers. And a cellist.
Always good news.

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