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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2003-03-16 13:39:57 (UTC)


I haven't been attending church for quite a while. Been
trying to avoid myself from going there, in fact. Well, i
was BUSY! I was really busy with the usual: assignments,
exams... assignmnets, and exams and also assignments??? Oh
yeah, i forgot, i also had presentations almost every
week, you know? This semester is not much different from
the previous one. Only that i've 2 subjects this semester
compared to last semester when i had 5 subjects. But last
semester was more... laidback... initially. It's different
this semester. Why? Coz it's summer study! The duration is
of course, shorter than the usual semester. Dorcas, the
previous lecturer as last sem who gave us a really hard
time is our lecturer (AGAIN!) for this semester. She
expects us to be even better than last semester. I hate
presentations. I hate her lectures. I hate her tough
assignments. Why can't she just give us NORMAL assignmnets
like other lecturers??? Omigosh! She's a lunatic! A
psychopath! A murderer! I could DIE if she was my lecturer
for another semester!! Hey, i'm getting all agitated and
tensed up. This entry started with me, feeling bored and
indifferent. Whoa... HAHAahHahHhA... Silly..... I didn't
know how stupid i could be..... until... now.

Ohhhh.... i wanted to tell the story about the lady at
church who recently lost her husband. It was so touching.
It was like a love story. She's so old and she was
grieving and mourning over her husband's death. He had
died in his sleep and he's really old (i think, coz she's
old so he'd be really old). And, she came up and told the
whole congregation how grateful she was for our prayers
and all and that he's now in heaven, with God. And she
said some other things as well, which i've forgotten...
while she did this, tears were rolling down her cheek as
she told us that her husband has died in his sleep, and
left without leaving a word behind... It was really
touching. My dad sat beside me and his eyes got wattery.
Well, mine too actually. It was SO SAD.....

She also got me thinking... The one she'd love had died...
I think she is lucky because at least she had someone to
love and she was loved by that person, her husband. Then,
i thought about how pathetic i was my whole life cause i
don't have anyone to love and to be loved in return. I'm
not really complaining that i've never actually had a
boyfriend or NEVER actually dated in my whole life... I'm
just contemplating my own situation at that moment...

Nevertheless, i'm content with my life at the moment.... i

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