Restless Comet Diary
2003-03-16 11:48:24 (UTC)

I hate to be lied

Today it's a really sunny day.Dan invited me to go to
Busteni.They're makng a trip.I didn't wanna go and now I'm
sorry.Anyway I don't think my grandma would give me money
if I wanted to go,so..there's nothing to regret.
Plus tomorrow I'm going to school so it would be kinda
I just cleaned my room and cut my hair(just 2 cms of it
hehe).It helps it grow.
Ack my nose is terrbily itchy,I guess someone's using
that perfume again.I remember once last year my french
teacher had such a horrible smelling perfume.And she was
using tons of it.I ended up having a really bad
allergy.Everytime she would come for the class my nose was
itchy and my eyes were watery.I could hardly breathe.Once
she stood besides my desk all the class time.I couldn't
bear it any longer.I asked er permission to go to the
bathroom and I went straight to the school
yard.Unfortunately the headmaster was there and he asked me
what am I doing in the school yard in the middle of the
classtime.I said I don't feel well and I needed some fresh
air but he sent me to the doctor's office.Hehe,lucky our
doctor always leaves early and she wasn't there anymore so
I ran back to the class .
o.O I guess I've got a composition to do for tomorrow and
I forgot .Whooops hehe I'll just write it later on or
tomorrow.It doesn't really matter coz I already have 5
grades at romanian so he won't examine me,but the others.
I think I'll just go to the library tomorrow as I don't
really have anything to do at home.I already cleaned my
room so I'll read some nice books I'll find there (at the
library hehe)
I was come I'm the youngest in my
class.Actually I'm the youngest 10th grader in the
school.That should be coz I went to school 1and half earler
that any normal kid does.I didn't wanna go to the
kindergarden anymore so my mom needed to talk with the
headmaster of that school to let me go in the 1st grade
hehe.I used to be the best in the class...since grade 9
when everything became more difficult.