Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-03-16 10:49:25 (UTC)

Filled Once Again

Last night I was lying in my bed musing over how distraught
I was.. when I remembered the Holy Spirit. I used to have
so much faith in it in order for myself to feel complete...
I remembered how I used to always feel as though there was
a hole in my self, and how I allowed the holy spirit to
fill it.. to heal me.. i remembered i poem that I wrote
about God called 'healer'. About how God would always heal
the pain that was in me.. even though I am so undeserving
of it. In that moment i prayed for the holy spirit to enter
me again to fill the hole inside.. I can't describe the
immense happiness I felt.. it was like the fruits of the
spirit in the bible.. i was feeling them all so much.. it
was the greatest bliss I had ever experienced... Love Joy
Peace (and all the others hehe)... I feel so strong now..
not becasue that strength lies within in me.. but because I
have given my weakness over to God.. and he has replaced
all of my faults with his beautiful strength.. I have never
felt happier! Possibly one of the most supernatural
experiences of my life was lieing in my bad last night..
not being able to stop laughing from all the joy that had
flown over my body.. it was like a drug.. except infinitely
better.. how could I have ever forgotten how awesome it
felt to have given my life completely over to God.. I am so
much at peace at the moment.. I love it. Hmm yeah well
today was my mum's birthday.. i bought her a copy
of 'Amadeus' on DVD.. very cool movie.. I also bought
myself a copy of "this is spinal tap" one of the funniest
movies i know.. so damn cool. hmm I am gonna go now.. my
famliy is watching 'amadeus'.. i wana watch it too.. bubye!


As this continues
As I blaspheme
As all that fades returns again
As I live a dream
As I speak of love that’s not mine
You are still there
Shining brighter than the stars in the dark
Giving me love when all is lost
Telling me that I belong
Holding me when I have fallen

When my feet are tired from running
When all I have done amounts to nothing
When my own satisfactions leave me begging
When all that I ask for is left on the floor
When I try to fit the pieces of my sorrow
You take it all away
You wash away my pain
Kissing my soiled feet
Feeding my starving heart
Renewing my strength

And as the tears run down my face
And when my blackness soils the night
And when my eyes have been burnt by the world
And as all my questions beg for reason
And as I feel as though I’d give up
I’ll always know
I’ll never die
I’ll feel your warmth
I’ll find your life and I’ll remember
You love me

That was my poem... nice huh!