mad world
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2003-03-16 10:47:27 (UTC)

all i ever wanted was you in my arms

so tonight we played a show at the moon. it was really cool
there was like no one there. so we freaken threwdown so
hardcore it was sick i broke like freakn 3 strings and
played 2 songs without a pick, but it was cool. i hung out
with megan alot tonight. were still trying to find out
whats up with zach ad amanda. its really odd becuse i guess
i feel kidaof like jealous becuae i guess i wish i had
that. that perso that you live for and that person can help
you throgh a shitty day. that someone thats makes you laugh
when you crying. i just wish i could have that and then not
get my heart riped out after 2 months later. but i guees it
happens. fuck it

-if i live one more moment. my breath would be pointless
without you there- so ill hold o to what wee had while i
still can and we will never who walks away a little less
pride than before-