Queen Kate

my life in words
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2003-03-16 07:46:04 (UTC)


i have been exposed to lots of things in the world, some
ugly some beautiful. people can be so horrible! when i was
selling girl scouts cookies on broadway there was a blind
man trying to cross the street. he was saying, "can i cross
now? can i cross now?" all these people walked right by him
and didn't even say anything. they wouldn't have had to
touch him,just tell him where to go. me and my mother said
that he should go and then a woman who was holding a baby
in one arm directed him across the street. some people
don't even help people who are in a worst situation then
them. it makes me feel lucky to be so blessed. To be able
to go to school and to live. I really wanted to help him
more, but i hate to think about that kind of stuff, it just
freaks me out a little bit.

That exspearence made me realize how special and short life
is and that you should live it while you still can. when
the people passed right by him i thought that those were
the kind of people that are not kind and not caring. Almost
like a sosocialpath with a lot a cash. they have no
feelings for anybody, probably not even themself.

This is what happens everyday to people less foruette then
us. It is what happens in the real world. this must stop.


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