Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-03-16 06:03:28 (UTC)

Time to Rise Up

Well another week is in the books. This past week had a
bit of everything. Well at least a bit of a lot. I guess
the most significant thing this week was my experience with
burn out. I started feeling it Sunday and Monday and it
was not good. It affected almost everything that I did (or
at least tried to do).

Something very interesting happened on Friday. I got out
of school early so I went to get my paycheck from work.
Well I missed Wednesday night (my boss was closing that
night) due to burn out. I was absolutely exhausted and
completely out of it. I wrote a note on Tuesday night
explaining that I was going to be unable to come in
Wednesday (we only have to give a 4 hour notice and I gave
a 13). So anyways my boss pulls me aside on Friday and
says that my actions were totally unacceptable. He says I
need to give more of a notice and threatens to suspend me
if I pull something like that off again (despite the fact
that I broke no rules). He tries to tell me that work is
more important than school. That is a big Chris "no-no".
You just don't say that to me. It's crap. So hopefully
next time I start to feel burnt out I hope that I get like
a week's notice. We all know that my boss would hate to
have to do a tiny little bit of extra work. I feel a bad
bad argument coming. Nobody tells me that working at
Wendy's is more important than getting my three degrees.

Speaking of which, I think I am going to go for the triple
degree. I think that the committment will be important and
that when I achieve it, it will be totally worth it. I
want this sooooo bad. I almost am at the point to where I
need it. So nothing will get in my way. Not work. No
enemy. No screw job. No female.

Well, I would like to have a female. But you know, I seem
to scare girls away. It's hard to find a girl for someone
like me. At least at school, almost all girls fall into a
few categories: sorority trash, preppy trash, gothic
freaks, or completely hideous. Where are the old school
artsy girls or the laid back but original girls at when you
need them? Oh my, I think this is the most frustrated I
have ever been about not having any lovin'. Or at least
someone that cares to really get to know me inside and out
and understand things from my perspective that only
a "signigicant other" could understand.

Now is one of those times that I really wish that I had a
guitar. I think I could make some interesting stuff right
now. I think that I should start writing so that when I
actually do get my acoustic (I have decided to start out on
the acoustic), I can really start to make some cool stuff.
And hopefully I could find someone to help me develop a
voice so that I can sing all of my songs. Then I could
record my stuff on the computer and become a true
musician. I could also start working on some of the covers
I want to do, such as Led Zeppelin's :heartbrealer", "Break
on Through" and "20th Century Fox" by The Doors,
maybe "Linger" by The Cranberries (that's a powerful song),
some Alice In Chains, and of course my personal
favorite, "Baby Got Back". Maybe my destiny is in being in
the music world. But I think it would expand to other
spheres as well.

So it looks like we are going into Iraq very soon. I
really do hope that it's in and out for us and we don't get
trapped, like I am fearing, and it become another Vietnam.
I am against going in, but if we do, I just hope that we do
what we say we are and not leave a mess. But it sure is
interesting. I really hope and pray that this does not
become a complete disaster. It really concerns me that
something bad could happen to our fearless troops or to the

Well Spring Break is here. It started with a damper after
my boss threatened to suspend me for being burnt out.
However, I hope that I get a lot done this week. The most
important thing is to rest. I want a lot of sleep this
week. I need it. A also want to do a lot of reading and
some stat. I have a project in Stat 3 so I want to do that
this week. But the most important thing is resting and
relaxing. I would like to watch a couple movies and take
it easy. Of course if lovin come along, I wouldn't mind
that too. Hopefully it will be productive and easy going.

Oh man this is gut check time for me. I'm at the point in
the semester where I can see the light at the end of the
tunnel. However, I feel like I am having a let down also.
My two tests this week didn't go quite as well as I had
planned. I misread a question in Nonparametrics and ended
up with a 71. The Canadian history test was good but I
think I should've done better. But I guess I will have to
learn from them and kick extra ass next time.

Well I believe that is all for this briefing. Hopefully I
will be able to update this again soon. Until next, peace.

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