2003-03-16 05:49:19 (UTC)

*NoT oVeR?*

well how abouts its 12:48AM so techincally speakin its
sunday but yea anyways I said I was over bobby but im
not... on friday I ended up kissin bobby for the first time
and omg awwwe ;] ;].... and dude so tonight I was with him
again and he said that he asked me out on friday but I
didnt hear him ;[ .... so now he told me hes gonna play
hard to get and that he might ask me out next weekend and I
was like well im not gonna wait around for you
forever...and hes like oh yes u will and Im like no dude I
wont and I like went away from him ... I dunno hes a weird
one , but I want him! Ima wait like 2more weeks or
something seeing I dont like anyone else or dont wanna like
anyone else... i dunno what to do most the time .. .but
anyways.......... I went to the mall earlier today and I
got kicked out because these black dudes tried to fight
emily and she was about to beat the fuck outta the one cuz
he got all up in her face sayin what bytch what and she was
like what pussy I aint scared of u and all this bullshyt
and so yea we got kicked out n shyt.... I almost beat this
one gurl up for starin at me cuz I was in a pissy mood it
was funny ;] but yes that is all.

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