ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-03-16 05:11:41 (UTC)

not bad for a Saturday

Well I DID get my computer up and running (whoo-hoo!!!)
and itz almost the way it was before it crashed. Ick, my
room's a mess now. Thank goodness I decided to put up my
laundry before I went downtown. Either way...itz still a
mess. And my room's gonna look funny again cuz I have to
put everything on my bed AGAIN cuz the dorm's gonna get
cleaned during Spring Break. Great.

I talked to Adam after about a week. He was in a bad mood:(
He said it was in my best interest to leave him alone.
I don't think the tournament went well. Just
an assumption. I hope he's feeling better soon.

It rained all day. BLAH. I hate rain. Eeehhh I still went
downtown with Abby and Maggie. Afterwards I went down to
Margaret's room, ordered pizza and watched 'Save the Last
Dance'. It was fun. Then we decided to experiment w/ our
hair to get an idea what would look good for Prom. I think
I'm just gonna do curled corn-row type things and curl the
rest of my hair. So when I go home I think I'm gonna get
some cute clip things, clear tiny hair things and
hairspray....then there's jewelry. I've already decided on
Mom's black pearl necklace and no rings I
gotta find some earrings. Eeeehh...I'll think of that

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