my life, my love and my happiness?
2003-03-16 04:59:38 (UTC)

im punk.... wohoooo

ok on fri i went with maria after school and she got her
tounge pierced.... it was great. i am so proud of her.
haha then i spent the night at her house and school
sucked. and ummm then i went to work..... i amd like 15
bucks or something. i dont get my pay check till next
friday. and then iu went to the dance for like 1/2 hr and
it was bad ass..... saw paco and they played paridice by
the dace board light for me maria shell and bean. we dance
everyone out. by the end of the song the lights were on
and everyone had left. ahaha then we droped shell kay and
dana off at lake view. we went and picked them up then
went home and went to bed. pam made us french toast and
thn my mom picked me up.....i drove and then cleaned and
went to work.... it was crazy buisy. i didnt stop all
night. and my mom is having a party so angie came and
picked me up. and i made like 30 bucks tongith it is
fucking great. i love it. now i am talking to rich he just
asked me out again and i said no..i feel so bad.. but i
think i am gonna go to bed...i am mad tired. later skaters
im out.

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