Queen Kate

my life in words
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2003-03-16 01:41:59 (UTC)

melody loves the red pants boy

The saga of the red pants goes back about a week or two.
Well the story is that mell, abbee, and i were with the
rest of our girl scout troop and we were are Skate King.
And we were skating around and there was a boy there that
melody pointed out. Then i got this crazy Idea to tell him
that my friend melody was in love with him and it was so
much fun! of corse mell threatened to kill me if i told him
but i didn't care. So i went up to him and said, " My
friend is in love with you." he looked rather surpized and
then skated away quicky. well i didn't get to tell him
which one of my friends was in love with him so we tried to
skate after him, though he avoided us, or tried to. Though
that was worthless for him because i got in his face the
whole time. then we saw him hanging out with some people
who seemed to be his friend, and i went up to his friends
and said, " my friend loves your friend," and i pointed to
the red pants kid. Then the boy said, "That's my brother!"
well that was intesting. anyways we finally caught up to
the red pants kid and i said, " my friend loves you," and
pointed to mell. Well the funny thing was mell was right
next to him and started said stuff like i am not in love
with you and the red pants started looking at her like she
was lying and he knew it. Mell really didn't love him but
his self esstem went up and it made his day. so screw mell
and her love for the red pants boy too!


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