Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-03-16 01:28:29 (UTC)

Isn't It Funny, This Feeling Inside.

Its a little like nausea, and a little like guilt, and a
little like travel sickness. What is it? A combination of
all 3.

Its been a great day in the world of me. I think the main
reason for all those stomach related conditions is the
portion of food I ate tonight, large even for me. In fact,
when I'd done half of it, and a mate arrived for the
second half, he questioned if it was just for me, or if I
was dividing it between two.

None of that, thanks.

Also today, I...went to see the same questioning of food
quantity friend flying. That was bloody good fun, turning
up at the imperial war museum (not muesli, as I wrote
first) singing 'Mill-i-o-n vo-i-ces" of Seven Seconds
fame, and just wandering around making a big fool of
ourselves in a place we should have known better, then
watching a buddy fly off into the moon, Empire Of The Sun-
esque. It was quite a moment.

Also, I got see Cambridge properly for the first time -
which was nice, but it didn't impress me too much. I guess
as I was saying at the time, I'm becoming harder to
please. More Cambridge in a separate update.

And then we came home...and the evening happened.

WILT? R.E.M. - The Lifting