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2003-03-16 00:07:35 (UTC)

I know i haven't written..............

I know that i haven't written in a while well heres whats
been happening.........not much..........besides..........

Friday Feburary,28 ok well a couple of weeks ago i went to
my friend amanda's party and had alot of fun acutally. I
didn't like some people there but a few of my friends came
and we were all down in the basement and me and 3 others
sat on top of there washer and dryer and danced and hanged
out with a few guys. We watched guys make pretend mosh pits
and then they were jumping over chairs and sliding across
the floors and takeing chairs and signs and hitting
eachother over the heads with it and blacking out it was
too funny.

Friday March,14 i went to the state champs game for
basketball and me and a bunch of friends took the pep bus
to comlumbia which is two hours away and we saw our skewl
team play and they won 41-40 it was a really good game and
the fun part was is that we got to go to MU college to see
them play.Then we slept the two hours on the way home. This
one girl was dissing the freshmans so a freshman said shut
up and this girl got right in her face and they almost
fought it was the stupidest thing in the world. but o well
it was very interesting.

Sat/sun march,15,16- i'm going shopping both days. ya

written on march 15, by stasha