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2003-03-15 22:45:25 (UTC)

Angeline Vs. The Exit

Crystal and I went to the Holyoke mall friday... and well..
go there ALL the time only.. everytime we get lost.. THIS
TIME we didn't.. and it's all because I beat the exit. You
see.. there's this exit.. and it sits there incognito on
the side of the highway. Theres a sign before the exit
that says "Holyoke next right".. so when you get to the
next right, naturally, you get off the highway. Now, as
you travel down the ramp you begin to realize that the exit
has tricked you and has dropped you in the heart of the
ghetto. So, like anyone would do, you look for a sign that
says "91 North" so you can get back on the highway... only,
in this particular part of town they choose not to put
onramps and offramps within 30 miles of eachother. After
about a half hour of following signs that seem to be
taking you around in circles (which they are) you finially
reach the highway and make it to Holyoke. Three times I
got off that godforsaken exit. THREE! I began to think it
was unbeatable. I was no match for the exit. I knew that
everytime I tried to get to Holyoke it would chew me up and
spit me in the ghetto. The whole way there I concentrated
on the exit...mapped it's location.. envisioned it in my
mind... I was determined to drive by it.. and I did. We got
to Holyoke in the shortest time ever. It was beautiful. I
won, exit 12 lost.

Title:something Crystal and I came up with