ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-03-15 22:16:29 (UTC)

stupidhead computer

My computer crashed last night. What a drag. I spent 2
hours last night trying to reformat the hardrive but it
kept shutting off by itself. This morning I ended up
putting it on my air conditioner so it wouldn't overheat.
I did that for an hour and a half. At least now
everything's working. I just have to get all the programs
I need....argh.....I won't be able to get Microsoft Office
til next weekend. That CD's at home. Dumbshit me left it
there. Oh well. I can't download weatherbug. Stupidhead
program. I don't remember how I got it in the first place.
Oh well.

Next weekend is Spring Break!!! I'm excited cuz I'm going
to New York!!! Wheeeeee!!!!

Went downtown earlier today to order Adam's boutonniere.
Maggie and Abby came along. Drake's Flowers is a really
nice little shop. I also ordered Margaret's. Who knows why
Felicia wants a boutonniere instead of a corsage. Oh well.

Last night me, Margaret, Sarah, Maggie, Rachel and Carrie
watched 'Notting Hill'. Itz such a good movie!!!! That is,
if you're into romantic comedies (which I love). Tonight
we're watching 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'. This is the
weekend for Hugh Grant movies. I'd have to take someone a
little more realistic to crush on. Eeeehh.