Queen Kate

my life in words
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2003-03-15 22:14:51 (UTC)

are you my friend?

Are you my friend? Friends don't talk about eachother
behind their backs. Aleast that is what i learned. We have
been friends for so long, what happened? It always used to
be a happy sun day when we were having fun, but now when we
are around eachother, there seems to be a rainstorm. Always
disagreeing and fighting(what happened?)about something.
Are you my friend, the exsided glow in your eyes has slowly
faded and your stare nothing to it, blank and bored. What
happened to this lively friendship? did it grow old?
Something has died, not a person the thing that made us
want to be friends. where did that go? what happened?
though the main consern is are you my friend?

This is a true question, the person this is about knows
it's for them, or do they even care?

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