Stream of Consciousness
2003-03-15 20:38:45 (UTC)


One of the reasons i havent updated this journal in a few
days is the fact that i went to canada. i just got back
yesterday and it was a real good time. my friends and i
often plan such trips as this but seldom do they
materialize such as this one did. we went to the canadian
town of niagra. the drinking age there is 19, and that is
also the gambling age.
At one point in the casino i was down 40 bucks. at
another point i was up 75. when it was all said and done i
walked out 30 buck richer. matt managed to make 100 bucks.
the mother fucker. joe got shafted in this area, as he did
in all others of this trip. id say joe probly lost between
30 or 40 bucks to the casino. bishop could have won 6k had
he played 3 coins instead of just the one. the fool.
we went to two clubs during our trip that are worth
mention. the first night we went to a place called the
daily planet, and as you might guess, it had a superman
theme. this place was.....decent...these places arent a
typical place you would find a fella like me. if i could
have gotten away with it and not pissed off my friends i
would have been fine gambling the whole trip and getting
drunk at the casino and in our room. but im not the only
guy on this trip and to be honest, i did enjoy myself the
second night when we went to a club called "roman" or "the
roman". it was one of those two, the thing that really
sticks out in my mind about that place is it had a huge
smoke stack on top of it which resembled a nuclear power
plant. While im thinking about it let me just mention that
joe got harrassed about his age in nearly ever step of this
trip. at one point he was helping ME as i stumbled up the
steps of this club after taking a piss. joe was perfectly
fine. and this bounced pulls him aside and warns him that
if he "stumbles around like i just saw you walk up those
steps we are going to have to make you leave" at this point
i said, i had had alot of jack and coke to drink (i dont
normally offer damaging evidence about myself so easily
when drunk) to which he replyed, "we have been watching you
too (apparently there is a whole network of bouncers he
kept refferring to as "we") and you are fine, its this guy
we are worried about". haha. poor joe. and some fucking
bitch stole his hoodie. and he didnt even get any ass from
her. it was matts whore for the night. what a trip what a
trip. poor joe got hosed left and right. shit, he was even
the last one to take a shower out of the four of us and the
room only came with 3 full sized towels, so, i dont know
because i didnt ask, but i assume he dried off with a hand
towel. shit was big enough to dry off my dick. poor
bastard. anywho...very fun trip, i got very drunk on vodka,
irish cream, and jack and cokes. i won some money, had alot
of fun with my friends. it was very good to hang out with
bishop again for an extended period of time since his
return from germany. didnt realize how much i missed to
mofo. when he and i get to writing for our website shit is
going to be magic. man ive written alot of nothing here. im

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