Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-03-15 20:18:48 (UTC)

A very weird and funny week

Ok lets go back to Sunday night, I had a stalker for about
3 days (the one from ileford). He msned me asking me he
wanted to meet me and started asking me really personal
details, and say like he wants to do me this way and this.
I saw his pic, 3 things i have to say: Too young, not my
type and frigging creepy. He disgusted me and he was just
awful, good riddens he doesn't do it now.
On Wednesday I logged on around 2.30pm,(faceparty.com) this
guy from Scotland was asking me if i had a webcam (he's
supposedly "straight" by the way) and I said yeah. We set
up a net meeting and i could see what the side of his
jumper and not his face and that was about it and hes
asking me to get it out. I said no you're not my type and
piss off. Violated and digusted again.
On Wednesday I this guy from Greenwich (faceparty again)
wanted to chat to me (6 ft and black, not my type of guy I
wanted to get with, no offence). We chatted for a bit (this
was around 3am in the morning) and I gave him my number. On
Thursday nothing unusual went to uni and did my usual, went
in the comp room and Thomas (welsh guy, real nice, 17 year
olds and a goth) msn me telling me wasn't feeling too good.
He is down to earth and really nice (my type of person if I
ever get to meet him >.