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2003-03-15 18:14:06 (UTC)

Ode to mindlessness destruction

So right at this percise moment I am expirencing one of the
obvious extensions of the capitalistic system, and that, my
numerous legions of fellow diary composers, is boredum. It
all happened about half an hour ago. Shortly after
completing a rather engaging game of hearts on yahoo I was
struck with a resounding feeling of mindlessness. After
expirementing with a variety of listless activites, I typed
www.my-diary.org into the bar up there and, well, the rest
is, as they say in Hollywood, "history". Boredum has indeed
met its match. I feel thoughts once again begin to swirl,
jump a dive through the 8% of my brain being used. Ahh, a
turn for the better.

I think i shall put this new found rejuvantation to good
use...To quote the Beatie Boys, "...when you got so much to
say its called gratitude". My reason for brining this up is
that there is someone out there to whom I owe a great deal
of gratitude. This person will remain nameless but she has
been perhaps the biggest destoryer of boredum for me as of
late and has just been someone i can use big words with for
the hell of it and not have to explain myself. And now that
I've made myself out to be a snobby elitist fool (which i
can assure you i'm not) I just want to thank this person
profusley! Aw screw it, Veronica you're totally awesome!
keep up the good work.