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2003-03-15 17:26:33 (UTC)

aahh loneliness

Blah. Me boyfriend, Chris, has a brother. Actually, he has
3 brothers. But one of these brothers, who goes by the name
of Dan, is a swimmer. Not only that, he's in Penn State
until tonight. He's been in Penn State since Thursday. What
does this have to do with the title of "aahh loneliness"?
His whole family tagged along. Yep. I've been unable to
talk to the boyfriend for a good 3 days now. At least I'll
be able to see him tomorrow (I hope I hope I hope). Dammit,
I BETTER be able to see him tomorrow. Tomorrow's our 6
month. Bleh.

Hey it just occured to's C's birthday.

Some background:
in 6th grade, I met this girl. I didn't know her well. In
8th grade (last year) I got to know her better. We became
freinds. GOOD friends. After awhile she was my BEST friend.
But then this year, something happened. I'll not go into
details, but suffice it to say, we don't talk. I don't
visit her web site. I forgot her phone number, and I doubt
she thinks of me anymore. This "thing" only happened a
little over a month ago too. Funny how fast people can get
over things. Yeah. Today's her 15th birthday, and in a way,
I'm relieved I don't have to spend any money on her. Again:
yeah. Kind of sad, but I'm at the point of not caring

I have a music theory class in about 45 minutes. Blah.