SuGaR RuSh
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2003-03-15 17:18:09 (UTC)


like u treat ur friends like shit...u need 2 change ur
attitude towards everyone or u wont have any friends...and
i know ur gunna say "everyone hates me" one
does....and ur gunna make this in 2 a bigger deal then it
should b...and ur gunna b like "well then dont b my
friend"...well everyone wants 2 b ur friend still so stop
stayin that.... but if u keep actin like how u one
will wanna b ur friend anymore...ur gunna make it sound like its all
our fault and make us sound like were all the worst people ever,
acutally...were u should b happie im sayin this be4 u have no friends
@ all..... i am just tellin u so u
dont get in 2 anymore fights w/ ur friends...since u got
into 2 fights w/ 2 friends in the matter of like 2
weeks dont u think sometin is wrong there if U got in to fights w/ 2
different people.... I dont care if u "never wanna talk 2 me
again" just tellin u the truth