Restless Comet Diary
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2003-03-15 16:25:01 (UTC)


Just as I was talking to some people in IRC I remembered
one strange story.I was five,it was my first time going to
my other grandparents to Breaza.My brother used to live
there but I'd never been there beofre that day.So we took
the train(I really enjoyed it)and we got there within 45
minutes (I guess)
The we walked a lot till we got in front of a huuuuge
house.It was placed on some hills and had a really big
place around it.I remembered it as if it was yesterday.My
mouth was still hanging open when I saw something written
on the gate.I asked my mom wassat(still couldnt read..).She
said:"look,it's written ".I was
like "wow!!!" God..I felt so proud!!There actually was a
mansion with my name on it.It was my family's and I was
going to spend my summer there.
The a couple of women(my aunts and grandma)came to us and
they let us in.I spent the whole summer running on those
huge hills and playing with the dogs and cats and making up
stories about the dark basement and building tents in the
I was so happy and I couldn't imagine that only one month
later,my life was going to change at 360 degrees.Then all
the bad things happened.My dad started drinking more and
more,he started shouting at us for nothing or beating my
little brother up just because he couldnt make it to the
bathroom in time(he was only 3 years old-.-)My mom was
trying to calm him down but it was impossible.
One night,he wanted to hit my brother but I started
crying so he hit me instead.He hit me with his belt
straight on my face.A couple of years later I was still
stammered because of that.But that was enough for my
mom.She told him to leave the house coz she cant stand it
anymore and she wants to divorce.
Then,he said then have to share everything in half.My mom
and my grandparents didnt agree coz my mom already had the
flat and everything was inside when he and my mom got
married.But he threaten her he wont leave or he will take
everything and change the locker when she's not home.
She agreed and he took more than half of everything.He
left us in the flat that was almost empty and he took my
brother with him.
I remember it was someone's birthday those I
have a pic.I was all crying and my face was red and even my
mom looked scared.Why did they take us a picture like that?
I dont really know.
Since that life was never the same.NEVER!!!
I'm still wondering what kind of mistake or sin could we
have to deserve such a thing.Like you have everything and
you're happy and in the next few months you dont have
anything but tears and fear.
I still have a lot of memories 'bout those times.My
grannie never failes to remind me that my fatjer is
and "idiot" and he ruined our lives.I know it's true and I
always know.But why on earth does she have to repeat it
every day?Why???
From all this..I learnt a lot.I will never ever marry
such a man and I will never let my sibblings ruin my
life.they already did this to their's enough.I
had a terrible lesson from what they did so they are no
more authorised to give me "good" advices.
I'm not sad about it anymore.I got used with the idea
but I will never forget it.NEVER!!!Anyway the Criste
mansion collapsed 5 years ago during an earthquake and all
they could do was taking pieces and materials of it and
building a poor lil house somewhere else.
This is what fate does to humans.Especially when they
are acting against themselves.

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