Restless Comet Diary
2003-03-15 14:29:52 (UTC)

Saturday lalalalala

Today it was kind of a nice day.Dan gave me a CD with The
Kelly Family.That actually made me happy.I wonder how'd he
know I like them so much.I have no idea.
My hand still hurts a lot.That girl was really cuckoo
for she closed the door on my hand.It hurted so bad that I
thought it will drop off.Then the girls came to
apologise.She was smiling though.How can you smile when you
see someone with such a miserable face as mine was at that
moment;especially when you know you caused the
At least I left school earlier.The physics teacher was
ill so she couldn't come and we all left 2 hours
earlier.Anyway I couldn't write.My hand is pretty ok
now.It's not that swollen anymore.
Today,in the morning Florin came to my place.I was home
alone for my grandparents went shopping.He never calls
before he comes I'm wondering how come he always find me
home hehe.He brought me some nice snowdrops.i like those
flowers and I was pretty happy to see him as I was bored.We
really had fun.

My aunt called us last nigth.She asked me if I want
anything for easter but I didn't know what to say.Anything
would be just fine.I didn't ask her anything about the
papers .It's useless.If she wanted to make them she would
tell me so....I'll wait till she decides to start it by
herself.Since then,trying to do my best here.
I'm generally unhappy but I'm ok.Not so sad anymore and
lucky that those black thought went away.

Daily Astrology Forecast - March 15, 2003
Cancer Horoscope: A new job may be in the works for you,
Ruxy - or at least, an entirely new project or focus with
regard to the job you have. Whether this involves work that
produces income, or is of a voluntary nature, you can
expect your tasks to change in some way, probably for the
better. You could also find yourself thrown in with people
whom you find very compatible - which always helps! Go with
the flow, and enjoy!
There is a great deal of start-up energy working for you
today, dear Cancer. You may feel as if you are walking on
hot coals. This is not a good day to sit around on the
couch watching TV. The coals will end up burning you for
sure. It is important that you keep moving. Engage in
activities that exercise your mind and body. You will feel
much better at the end of the day if you can point to
something and say that you created it.
Today's a good day for working out a deal. If there's
something you've been putting off, gather up your courage
and resolve and just do it. It's a good time to negotiate
for something big.
If you're not yet a parent, it's never too soon to start
practicing. Children are the future, and that puts all
adults in the role of potential teachers. However, there
will be no test of disciplinary skills or even your ability
to change a diaper. This is really all about getting in
touch with that childhood spirit. In other words, learn or
relearn to play without guilt, ignoring rules and clocks.
Creative projects or inexpensive outings are favored. And
while you're running around and making messes, pay
attention to the repeated, soothing messages bubbling up
from your subconscious mind.

Wow! That sounds confusing.Hope I'm not gonna' become a
parent so soon haha there is no hurry I still have all my
life in front .Maybe that's for someone else....