Watch me lose it...
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2003-03-15 12:14:17 (UTC)


Listening to : Our Lady Peace - Not Enough
Heard nothing from bannana people still. Had some battles
with Gary yesterday..not good ones either. Car squeeks. I
have a head ache. I saw Gorman in McDonalds yesterday when I
went in with Thomas for ice cream. I said to him "I just
knew it...guess who I got an email from on tuesday..."
"Farouk?" ..."Yup.."
Gorman said "Saying..dont try it again or I'll kill you?"

Its obvious Gorman has taken a side and has been well and
truely spoken to by that biatch. I can count Stan out too.
In fact, they all hate me...I think I'll only have the
support of Emma, Claire and Briany..but even that will fade
once Foxy and Dave have turned. In fact, what I'll face is a
section of fence sitters and haters. Fantastic. I guess if
you get picked on everyweek you just gotta say "ohh its only
a joke" and accept it. Like at work.I just gotta accept that
thats what I'm there a joke to everyone else.
I told Gorman "I wont be in on tuesday"..."Why not?"
..."Because I dont want to be"..."oohh until the 25th?"
and as he was walking out "Noo I'm not going back there"...
He had that look of , your a twat on his face. Nevermind.
Just talking to Graham who thinks Geest might still come
back to me on my new job. He says they always take
theres still a chance.
Need some food...

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