random scribbles
2003-03-15 12:08:30 (UTC)

this world cannot contain us

[music - one line drawing - mood - i need more sleep, my
house is a mess]

as predicted, good weekend so far. i was feeling a little
too lazy to go to edd's flat last night so stayed home for
a quiet night of watching comic relief. lucy came over and
we ordered pizza, i fell asleep on the sofa pretty early,
we watched all the charity tv which was of mixed content
(at one point there was a ventriloquist woman with a
monkey, but some made me laugh) we talked lots. it was so
great just being the 2 of us, i don't feel like we spend
enough time together any more, and i miss her. it's like -
things with alana and vicky are a bit weird - i think that
alana has treated ben quite unreasonably and i know he's a
psycho and doesn't deserve what he's getting, but i find it
hard to sympathise with the fact that her ex-boyfriend's
angry with her; well wouldnt you be if you got dumped by a
text that had been sent to your phone by accident?!

anyway, enough of that. luce and i had a lot of fun
together. we talked a lot about the future. we'll both be
living in america this time next year, only her south, me
north. i feel like vicky and alana are just going to have
the lives that i dread - you know... go to work in an
office, come home to the kids, endless cycle of that...
which disturbs me a bit. but we'll see. knowing my luck
thatll be me actually!

at about 1 am my phone rang and dom was on the other end,
going "i'm parked in your street, can i come in?" he was
with al and this fairly random guy becca. we let them in.
it being dom, they had a fat packet of weed, so we all got
pretty out of it.


dom - now if you wanna ask what dom gets up to... that
would be a problem - spiritual, moral, religious... all
that shit

al - which janet jackson album have you got? have you got
lu - more worryingly, have you got janet?

dom - you've got a house, you've got whisky and you've got
a first.
al - dom, you're going crazy
dom - i don't think so!


those guys are cool, though alan scares me because he seems
so nice and polite but there's all sorts of crazy stuff
going on in that head of his! they tried to persuade me not
to go to durham. then after a while they left and lucy and
i somehow staggered upstairs and fell asleep. i woke up
about an hour ago and my head still doesn't feel quite
right... but its all good all the time right? ;)