the devil
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2003-03-15 10:05:09 (UTC)

arrogant asshole

so the next person ill speak bout is rick, hes cool. but
hes arrogant, relaly arrogant, and he doesnt realise it.
but me and barda always just have big bitfch ons to each
other about how fuckign arrogant he is. he learns normal
accoustic and i leanr bass , so he ALWASY just bags bass
subtly and just talks up accoustic like hesa god or
sometihng, and hell alway sfind a way to sort of... make
accoustic seem better, when thats just his opinion. and
hell always just be arrogant and think hes always right
and everything is cool.
so we have thsi friend called james nad he BMX's n stuff.
and hes been getting rick into it, lik etaking him to teh
bowl n letting him do stuff and now rick wanted to get hsi
won BMX so he did, he got one today.
and personally in my own opinion i think it was completey
stupid becuase i dont think rick is midly interested in
actually putting in the long tterm effort of becoming a
BMXer, hes just gonna leave it lieing around and ride it
when he can or whenever james takes him out. but hes never
gonna go out by himself and try,
i may be wrong but i guess well see how he feels in time,
so of course hes gonna be all arrogant abvout his BMX , it
was sposedly 600 but he got it discounted to 400 and im
like yeah prolly cause its CRAP (as a joke) and hes
like "oh nah, its not crap, i was riding it all day, it
was sooooooooo smooth" that would be a half adequate
example of his arrogance, it doenst say much but hell be
tlaking and talkign about it for ever
it pisses me off
see ya