listen to my silences
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2003-03-15 07:12:37 (UTC)


so i came home from na today. the stay was good. had a
lot of fun, saw people, all that jazz. brodie and i had a
really good and needed talk last night. thanks bro. jon
was supposed to call back but i think he fell asleep. so i
get back here and go to work. AND GET SENT HOME BECAUSE MY
PANTS ARE TOO LONG! i mean HELLO see i have this problem
called LACK OF HEIGHT so that all of my pants are too
long. i walk on them. so does everyone else there. i
think what they were really saying is that they were too
baggy. too punk-ish or whatever. our manager likes for
girls to show off their bodies. we can show our underwear
and bras, but god forbid (or should i say al forbid) we be
comfortable. so yeah i had to then cashier for six hours
IN HEELS! grr. then, i was supposed to get off of work at
twelve. which means i get off register about ten till.
well i got off register at ten after. jon called six
times, i missed them all. today just sucked. everything
was gravy till i left the dorm room.

i saw tindle this morning, that was cool. he called me
just as i was leaving, so i went over there for a little
while. it was a nice surprise. then i went to target to
say hey to miss carole and get a cd for the road. i got
the new juliana theory. it rocks.

oh! yesterday i bought some pants from hot topic...they're
awesome. i really shouldn't have, because i really can't
afford them, but i did. and i love them. i can't wear
them to work, cause they drag the floor, but there are
three days of every week in which i don't work so i don't

i hate pop-ups!

i'm out.

final thought: often we are the only ones standing in our