2003-03-15 06:55:25 (UTC)

¤ Can you imagine ¤

can you imagine going through your adolescent years
staying in one place...i wish i could...ive moved around
so freakin much its not even funny...and i just graduated
a semester early from my third (3) yes thats right, high
school...that kinda freakin bites...but oh well currently
im away on vacation from wisconsin on a graduation present
from my in california...YAY!! and here i am
on a friday night blabbing to a freakin computer...oh
well...but to say the least Im stoked about school in the
fall...ISU..CYCLONES RULE...i like that school more and
more eachday especially when it hurts my father (hes a
hawkeye alumnist) thats funny... and yet again my family
has to endure another move freakin iowa...i have
made a complete circle...URGH!!