my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-03-15 06:25:21 (UTC)


Tonight was fun! great fun i guess. lol. ne way tonight ,
josiah and i went out. he picked me up at like. 520 or
somethign. i was playing piano and stopped to do
soemthing... brush my teeth and pee i think. lol. and i
happene to look out the door(the view hole thingie at least)
and i saw him so i put on my shoes and opened the door(when
he knocked). it is really hard to plan stuff. lol. ne way
whe nwe got in his car well we didnt know where to eat. we
decided on pizza... and he started driving and went the
wrong way because lol he was "playing smart" lol. so we went
like 5 miles out of the way ha and had to turn around lol.
ne way we ate pizza ate zeros. and... dang it we went to
the ice skating rink right behind the movie theater and the
stupid crack heads public skating wasn't open untill 9-11. i
was so mad lol. i didnt say nething tho but i felt real bad
lol. (josiah if u ever read this, im singing that song from
zero's now. Loudly.) but well we went back to his car and we
had decided to go to the one in va beach... so we drove all
out there lol him and his 5 lane chanigng (that was funny. i
grinned everytime he changed more then 2 lanes at a
time.)(actually he was a good driver)(and a massive speeder
ha) and drove around va beach down virginia beach blvd
trying to find it lol and well.... we found it... but... it
wasn't an ice skating rink any more. we walked around
pembroke mall (EMPTY dag it is so tiny. there wasn't much of
anything there lol) and went back to greenbrier mall and
looked in spencers for like wow. half a hour or more
lol(dang whenever i pierce my belly button im buying a ring
from there!!). then we decided to c a movie. and it was like
9 by now. nothing was on at the cinema cafe... so we were
going over to regal 13, across the street.
the funny thing was he kept putting his car in park at stop
lights and tickling me. so when we got to the stop light in
front of the mall... he did that, and started ticklign me n
junk and the light turned green so he put his car in drive
LOL and he had had his foot on the gas lol and his car did
some funny lil thing n jerked lol it was hilarious and we
laughed about it for a while... and we saw shanghi knights.
we sat the next to front row lol. he ticked me through that
too. that was an ok movie i guess. it wasn't too good but it
was like deadly. muah ha ha mom just brought the new
computer chair in here it is much more comphy then the
rocking chair. although.. i might fall out of this haha. ne
way, after the movie we went to 7-11 to sue the pay phone
right it didnt have one! i was shocked lol. ne way he bought
a energy drink and i bought a smoothie. i tasted his drink n
it tasted weird. lol not nessicarily bad... just different.
he didnt like mine lol. it wasnt that bad lol but well. ne
way he went back to my house to use the phone and i found
out i had to go to moms like then and he had to go home and
my dad started talking about audio problems at rbc. i was
like o dag... lol ne way josiah offered to take me to moms
but dad was like 'no ill take her blah blah' i would have
rathered josiah but well whatever. ne way i called mom and
she wasnt even home yet, she was closer to my house then
heres so she came and got me. and dad was like 'was that a
date?" i was like "no dad josiah and i tell every1 were
brother and sister"(WE ARE im SErious! he was stoled from
the hospital, and then the people who stoled him dropped
them off at the house he lives at now casue he was a ugly
babie!) although josiah called it a date. i told mom it was
a brother and sister date. lol dad probably wouldn't have
let me go if i had said that. dang im not allowed to go on
dates by myself. sucks. he says he has to get to know the
guy first for heavens sakes. im not some slut who gonna go
(haha rememebr this bubby) have sex in the front row of a
movie theater or something(i did NOT do that for the record
its something i was talking about) ne way yea i had a great
night i had fun but i hope maybe lol we can actually go ice
skating sometime. im gonna go now ciao
p.s. i just remembered something lol. well we were coming
off the interstate, and going kinda slowish(maybe 30) and we
were both looking to the left, at traffic to c if it was
clear to get over right, and we we turnt forward lol we were
almost in the grass lol. i think u had to be there. lol. too
bad. adios.

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