Alisha's Journal
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2003-03-15 03:26:18 (UTC)

My dream

My god...last night,...i had my first dream where i woke up
SCARED and sitting up in my bed. I was so scared. I don't
really remember the order of everything, but i do know that
we were going to war...and we weren't allowed to leave
the "mall" I was so scared....i dunno what it was...It just
scared me. It was like...i was stuck somewhere that i
didn't want to be and i just wanted to run, but i wanted to
make sure that everyone i cared for was okay too...but i
had to make decisions that scared me. I dunno....enough
talk about my dream.

It's been awile since i've updated...but, i don't think
anything has really happened to me...hmm...nope, no life, im gonna go.

:( i started tanning and im burnt.