forever changing
2003-03-15 03:16:01 (UTC)

nothing more to say

i have no more thoughts about david well no more complete
thoughts that is i am stuck i don't thik i am going to even
ponder about what is going on with me and him other than
his friendship because i think that my pondering is just
screwing up our friendship and i think that i am causing
him to get wrong impressions and i don't want to do that so
i am just going to quit it. i can't do this to myself and
especially to him i can't lead him on, i wont let him think
about that he keeps telling me that he just wants me to be happy and
i hope he knows i want the same for him i just want him to be happy
but i don't know i am just so confused at the moment. right now i am
at a concert thing at the library and i can't really think straight
wait i can almost never think straight so i think i am goin to go.
i can't stand feeling this way no answers and no complete questions
to ask. just STUCK!!!!